Chinese hungry to travel

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Chinese hungry to travel

Over the recent Spring Festival holiday, Chinese visitors went to 730 cities across 68 countries along with regions.

Image Souce: The Jakarta Post

Chinese travelers are doing their presence felt around the globe. They were anticipated to pay 6.5 million visits abroad over the recent Spring Festival holiday, along with their footprints could be found in 730 cities across 68 countries along with regions worldwide, the China National Tourism Administration reports.

Last year, the Chinese paid more than 130 million visits outside the mainland, representing a year-on-year growth of 7 per cent, according to China Tourism Academy.

Southeast Asia has seen the most visits by Chinese travellers with Thailand, Singapore , Malaysia along with Indonesia among the most well-known destinations.

Thailand received 9.8 million visits by the Chinese in 2017, according to Thailand’s Ministry of Tourism along with Sports. pengunjung numbers reached 313,000 during Spring Festival, a rise of 24.4 per cent over the same period last year.

Meanwhile, an increasing number of Chinese are warming up to long-distance travel destinations.

France, Germany, Switzerland along with Italy have all seen a sizeable influx of Chinese visitors, many of whom go sightseeing on the Danube along with the Rhine.


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Chinese hungry to travel
Chinese hungry to travel